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SNKA was created in 2009 out of passion for languages. We have brought out the best in our customers ever since. In addition to Russian, we provide training in English, Chinese, French and German languages.

Our dedication is to help you and your team release your full potential. Adrian Harmath is SNKAs CEO. Being fluent in four languages, he puts special emphasis on picking well-trained tutors. Adrian grew his business step by step. He has built a great reputation and nurtured long-lasting relationships with customers. We are helping some of the largest multinational companies develop their teams.

To save you time and trouble we can provide training in any of the five languages at your office. We know that choosing the right language class is a big decision. Request a call now to learn more. We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Get a brochure to learn as much as possible about our services.

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We could sit here and tell you about our expertise, experience, good reputation and the high level of service quality, which is all true, but thats not what our company is all about. We provide opportunities for our clients to grow and succeed, both as professionals and individuals. We love teaching languages and have a great time doing it.

Adrian Harmath, CEO of SNKA



Our team is always there to make learning as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Our skilled trainers share our passion for languages. Their commitment is to help you set and reach your goals.


Our mission is to provide services to give our clients the best opportunity to evolve. We are striving to foster personal development in our community.


We believe that it is important for professionalism and personality to exist together in the language training industry. We like to think of ourselves as more than just a training company. We want to use this company as a vehicle for positive change in our own lives and our community.

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