English Classes: Small Group


Class Description

Learning English is a long-term investment into your career and brain health. Do not waste your precious time!

Available All year round
Levels Beginner to Advanced
Lesson Duration 90 min or more
Class Duration At least 10 lessons
Minimal Intensity Once a Week
Exam Yes

How does it work?

1.Fill in a short form (get enrolled) or call us
2.Our trainer comes to your office
or house to conduct lessons
3.Result: You v. 2.0 Upgrades and features
  • Indispensable at work
  • Improved cognitive skills: memory, arithmetical skills and reading1
  • A whole new level of career prospects
  • Ability to get a job abroad
  • Advanced multitasking2
  • Better decision making skills3
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Amplified social networking potential
  1. according to research conducted at Chicago University (Keysar, Hayakawa and An, 2011)
  2. according to research conducted at London University College (Mechelli et al., 2004)
  3. according to research conducted at Pennsylvania University (Kroll et al., 2008)

3 Things to Know About This Class:

  1. Career

    You expand your career horizons and become a more valuable team member. Employees with good command of English get promoted faster.

  2. Brain Health

    It is scientifically proven that learning a foreign language develops your memory, decision-making skills and ability to multitask. Find references to corresponding research papers below (see the How It Works section).

  3. Language Barrier

    Forget about the language barrier within the first 2 months. SNKA’s small group English classes are 80% speaking practice. It is all about fun, engaging and interactive activities that you do with your team. It is the fastest way to learn how to express yourself freely in English.

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9 000 RUB /month

When you pay for 1 month
Charged per person

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7 500 RUB /month

When you pay for 2 months
Charged per person

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6 400 RUB /month

When you pay for 4 months
Charged per person

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Additional Information
  • Lessons are conducted 2 times a week in the morning or after hours.
    Minimum duration of 1 learning session is 90 minutes. 
  • It is an open group format. You can join at any time. 
  • The prices indicated on this page cannot be considered a public offer.
    SNKA's obligation to conduct any lessons arises upon signing a contract.

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